sábado, 28 de junio de 2014


The day dawned rainy in the meadow, and bogged down the floor, each animal was in his house waiting for the rain to stop, everyone had a little cold, and were joined in their houses and purred, that joy that the rain falls on the meadow that joy the soil is flooded, so we can have new grass said the cow if the sparrow said singing alligator also glad she enjoyed the rain, the horse whinnied because I wanted to run in the rain while her mother the mare as sheltered to not have cold, the fishes of the lake and jumped for joy swims were given; concert was all joy.

The only one who was sad throughout the meadow was the heron, and no one knew until suddenly saw a small ant sad and ran to warn everyone else.

Word spread quickly among animals, some were sad immediately others could not believe it was a problem in meadow, Heron was sad, the heron was sad that strange as could be, no sense everyone said.

And Chigüire began visiting each of the families of animals of the meadow, trying to find an answer to why the heron was sad he did not get answer, then told everyone, we will appoint a commission to go and talk with Heron is sad to see that.

And they did was to talk with Heron; were with her when no one dared to ask because I was sad until its big beak toucan said, Prima heron that these sad, the ant told us.

And after a long silence Heron said, if it's true I'm sad because after the rain stops I'll have to go to another sheet and sure lose them as friends, so I'm sad so i would like it to rain forever.

Suddenly everyone in unison began to laugh, jajajajajajajaa, jajajjja, jajajajja, jajja not stop, laughing, and the capybara says, friend Heron you believe in friendship, you really believe in friendship, if so you'll never lose us is present and we have more we'll have more present when you're not, because we will miss your return as it happens, so we will remember more about you in your absence when you're with us.

Moral: Friends will always be a support and can always count on them, and that they are friends.